How can I make a deposit with MotoICO?
First you need to register to create a MotoICO account. To go to the registration page, click here. After you've registered you need to login to your members area and make a deposit from there. Please note: we never take or request any deposits from outside your members area.
Is MotoICO a registered / legal company?
Yes, MotoICO.com Investments Limited is a fully registered and validated company located in the United Kingdom. Our registration number is: 13611275. To check our registration details online, click here.
I want to invest to MotoICO, but I don't have an eCurrency account. Where can I register one?
You can open a free Perfect Money account here: www.perfectmoney.is
You can open a free ePayCore account here: www.epaycore.com
You can open a free Bitcoin account here: www.bitcoin.com
You can open a free Litecoin account here: www.coinpayments.net
You can open a free Ethereum account here: www.coinpayments.net
You can open a free Bitcoin Cash account here: www.coinpayments.net
You can open a free Dogecoin account here: www.coinpayments.net
Which currencies do you accept?
We accept Perfect Money, ePayCore, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Dogecoin, Tron, Stellar, BinanceCoin, BitcoinCash.
Can I exchange funds between payment systems?
No, we can only pay you with the same payment system you've made the deposit with. This also applies for the referral commission you receive from deposits made by your referrals.
How can I withdraw my funds?
Inside your secure members area, you need to go to the Withdraw section.
How long does it take for my deposit to appear inside my account?
Deposits by Perfect Money & ePayCore should be added instantly or in max. 5 minutes after you complete your deposit. Cryptocurrency deposits can take up to 2-3 hours, depending on network congestion. We require 3 confirmations for all cryptocurrency deposits.
How can I change my account / payment details or my password?
You can change your account details after you login, simply click Edit Account button. Please note: You can only add payment addresses which are not yet filled in. In case you want to modify a payment address which is already filled in, please contact our support team.
What happens if I forget my password?
Click Here to reach the password recovery page, type your username or e-mail address and you'll receive an e-mail on how to restore your account information. Please also check for the mail in the SPAM box!
Do you pay profits directly to my e-currency account?
No, profits are paid to your MotoICO account, and they can be withdrawn any time.
Can I create multiple deposits?
Yes, you can make multiple deposits in our system.
How do you calculate the interest?
The interest depends on the plan you've selected to make a deposit. Each plans maturity is exactly 1 hour after deposit is received by our system. You can see the returns if you click here.
Can I do a deposit from my account balance directly?
Yes, while you are making a deposit you have the option to choose the account balance if your account balance reaches the minimum deposit amount for the selected plan.
Can I make additional deposits?
Yes, but please check the rules for additional deposits by clicking here. For example our 101% after 1 hour plan only allows 10 deposits / month, our VIP plans only accept 1 deposit / month from each individual.
How long does it take to process a withdrawal?
Most withdrawals are processed instantly. In case it is required to refill our hot wallets or there is a connection problem, your withdrawal request will be saved and will be processed automatically when the above mentioned problems are corrected. Please allow up to 12 hours in case your request is saved before creating a support ticket. Thank you!
What is the minimum deposit amount?
The minimum deposit amount is $20. Some cryptocurrencies have higher minimum deposit limits (due to high network fees), please check inside your members area.
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
Minimum withdrawal amount for Perfect Money, ePayCore is $0.10. Minimum withdrawal for cryptocurrencies is $100 (except for Bitcoin and Ethereum, where minimum withdrawal is $250 due to high / non-stable network transfer costs).
Can I lose any money?
No, there is no risk in investing with us, and since all plans mature after 1 hour, you don't have to trust us with your funds for multiple years like you need to do with regular banks.
How can I check my account balances?
You can access your members area 24/7 any time on the Internet. You can check your balances inside your members area.
May I open several accounts in your program from the same IP address?
Yes, multiple accounts are allowed as long as they are made for a different person (eg.: spouse, children and so on). In this case, you can use your referral link to invite your friends or family. In the case you want to make multiple accounts for yourself, you cannot use your own referral link.
Who manages the funds?
The funds are managed by MotoICO's financial team.
How much referral commission can I make?
The amount of referral commission depends your on referrals deposit amount:
$20 - $500 => 0.10% commission
$501 - $1500 => 1% commission
$1501 - $2500 => 5% commission
$2501 - $3000 => 10% commission
$3501 - $5000 => 20% commission
$5001 and more => 30% commission

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